Sea Creatures are caught by diving into the ocean with a wetsuit equipped and they can be donated to Blathers for display in the Museum. Many sea creatures can only be caught at certain times.



activeTimes ([ActiveCreatureMonth!]!)

A list of months during which the creature can be caught on islands in the specified hemisphere.

Argument Type Description
hemisphere Hemisphere!
addedInVersion (Version!)

The version of Animal Crossing New Horizons in which this creature first appeared.

canBePlacedOutdoors (Boolean!)

Whether or not this creature can be placed outdoors.

catchPhrase (String!)

The (more often than not) delightfully punny phrase uttered by the player when this creature is caught.

description (String!)

The description of this creature, courtesy of Blathers.

hhaBasePoints (Int!)

The minimum number of points awarded by the Happy Home Academy for displaying this creature.

hhaCategory (HHACategory)

A shared category of which this creature is a member, as determined by the Happy Home Academy.

id (ID!)

ID of the object.

imageUrl (URL!)

A URL pointing to an image of this creature as shown in the Critterpedia.

internalId (Int!)

A unique identifier for this creature that is internal to the game.

isASurface (Boolean!)

Whether or not this creature acts as a surface when placed as furniture, allowing Miscellaneous items and Photos to be placed on top of it.

length (Float!)

The length of this creature when placed as furniture, in grid blocks.

lightingType (LightingType)

The type of light emitted by this item when placed.

movementSpeed (MovementSpeed!)

The speed at which this sea creature moves along the sea bed.

name (String!)

The name of this creature.

resaleValue (Int!)

The resale value of this creature in Bells.

shadowSize (ShadowSize!)

The size of the visible shadow cast by the sea creature as it moves around.

spawnRate (String!)

The rate at which this creature spawns on the player's island.

totalCatchesToUnlock (Int!)

The number of other creatures of the same type that the player must catch in their lifetime before this creature will spawn on their island.

whereToCatch (String!)

A description of where this creature can be found.

width (Float!)

The width of this creature when placed as furniture, in grid blocks.